Golden Rule of Learning and Communication !!

One thing which doesn’t have an end in this world is ‘Learning’ !!

We human beings keep on learning new things consciously or subconsciously every single day till the end of our life.

Getting into the regular structured Schools and Institutes for education or getting a formal training in a specific field or one’s intrinsic curiosity to ask questions and finding its answers by various means are all part of our self made conscious learning set up, while unconscious learning happens through our day to day interaction with our families, friends and peers and also while we are busy climbing the corporate ladder in our life.

All this learning is the most important treasure we all carry with us all the time in our mind. We develop and evolve with time with these Learnings. We usually use them directly or indirectly either to enhance our lifestyle or to gain further knowledge. Love & Respect, Manners, Basic Attitude, Interaction and Communication with people, Completing Tasks Successfully or Unsuccessfully are all the basic actions and reactions we do basis our past Experiences and Learnings.

Now the basic question is do we really consciously Share our Treasure of Learning with others ? To an extent the answer is ‘Yes’ !! So being parents we do teach and guide our kids, similarly teachers impart their own learnings to their students in school, and in Corporate world we guide our fellow mates in completing the specific tasks etc. So when you teach or share your knowledge you automatically start understanding things in a much better way.

This is also known as ‘The Golden Triangle — Learn | Do | Teach !!

This interesting fact states that we must useour past learnings to successfully communicate and market our Products and Services. The old saying that ‘Experience Teaches’ is very apt since its a known fact that people with more life experiences tend to be better Marketers.

Marketing is all about how well you have an effective personal communication with your Target Audience and to strike this impactful conversation with your Target Audience one needs to first understand their overall Persona. It is highly recommended that one must initiate a Research or a Survey or an Interaction call with its Target Persona before kick starting any marketing communication. Based on this Survey one must formalise its Customer Avatars or the Target Audience and then scale up the Product Marketing communication to them.

Carving out a niche is one of the critical aspects of your success. You as a Personal Brand or your Product or Service as a Brand must be an expert and the best in that specific area or niche. You cant be and you should not be ‘Jack of All Trades and Master of None’. So always create a niche for yourself and your offerings to succeed in any endeavour.

We must clearly define who is our Target customer and this process of creating Target Persona or Customer Avatars includes understanding their basic Demographics and Psychographics etc. And if the person fits into your Product or Service niche then start striking a one on one conversation with him/her to market your Products or Services.

Say for example if you are into primarily offering Digital Marketing Solutions then post your survey and market research you can carve out your Target niche as say Doctors and Physiotherapists — Male or Female who are in the age range of 35 to 50 years. All of them largely belonging to an Indian Metro city and owning a private clinic. Say they all are avid users of social media platforms such as facebook, whatsapp and Instagram. Their current monthly earnings are in the range of 20 to 30 lacs and all these target audirence have an aspiration to make their medical practice more popular and they want it to further grow through the Digital Medium. So in this case if you have such a thorough clarity of demographics and behaviour patterns of your niche then you shall be in better situation to pitch and market your digital solutions all customised according to their needs.

With such clear understanding of the Target Persona we can communicate with our niche much effectively basis their interests and convert them into your prospect clients and eventually your long term revenue earning customers.

Email Marketing is one great tool which is largely used now a days to build a repo with the niche and we can easily reach out one and one to them with fluid and customised messaging alongwith factual marketing of solutions built exclusively for their needs.

Be it a Direct Communication or an Email Marketing campaign, the basic underlying rule is to be as much authentic as one can be to gain trust and confidence of your audience. People would only like you for who you are and so to be a successful Marketer one must remain yourself and must not pretend being a different persona while conversing with the Target Audience.

Since Learnings rule and define us as an individual person so it becomes all the more important for us to consciously keep building up on this treasure to make a personal connect with people and to become an overall good successful human being.

As they say ‘Sharing Knowledge is Gaining Knowledge’ and ‘Effective Communication is the Key to Success’ !!

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