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  • Internet penetration in india is 460 Mn people, ranked second behind China.
  • 75% of Web Traffic comes from Mobiles
  • Default session on websites is approximately 30 minutes
  • There are over 100 billion searches per month on Google
  • eCom sites generally have a bounce rate of less than 40% as compared to service sites with 50% bounce rates
Digital Marketing,DigiPrizm
  • 63% of the people check only the Golden Triangle - the 1st three listings on 1st page of Google Search
  • Google displays maximum of 7 text Ads on a single page
  • 93.4% of people do not move to the second page in Google Search
  • Google owns over 80% of the search engine market
  • Over 50% of Search queries are four or more words
  • 78% of the people find results on Google's 1st page
  • Max. 10 results are reflected for a given keyword on a Google Search page
  • Over 40% of online revenue is captured through Organic Traffic

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