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Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital Marketing Strategy

We Help Great Companies Grow their Revenues Online   

Our diverse understanding of current market trends and technology helps us deliver successful Marketing Solutions for our clients. We frame out a comprehensive Digital Marketing Strategy combining several integrated marketing techniques taking into account the market you are in, your available budgets and your specific needs and goals. 
Our Growth Specialists help you build a successful Digital Strategy starting with identifying your audience persona, finding the right fit online channels to attract your visitors, monitoring and providing traffic insights, helping you optimise your campaigns and re-target the potential customers who did not convert on their last visit. We combine the science of SEO with heat maps, landing page design and user journey analysis to boost your conversion rates

Google My Business

Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital Marketing Strategy process starts with first researching your business, your competition and your industry, identifying your smart business goals and setting up your business profile on Google My Business listing so that you are found every moment in Google maps and search. 

Lead Generation

Lead Generation, Digital Marketing Strategy.SEO,Online Marketing

Key to any successful campaign is to identify who you’re targeting and where to find them. We help you generate leads and opportunities by finding the right fit social channel to reach out to your target audience and develop a detailed content plan for your each audience persona.

Web Analytics

Web Analytics, Google Analytics,SEO,Digital Marketing

With the help of Google Analytics we examine all the relevant metrics and data related to your site to determine what keywords and search engines are driving your traffic, and we recommend the optimisation required to increase conversions and session time and reduce bounce rates


Re-Marketing,SEO,Digital Marketing, Online Marketing

Remarketing is one of the most advanced internet marketing innovations to bring back visitors, who previously visited your site but didn’t convert. We specialise in implementing Re-marketing campaigns on GDN (Google Display Network ) and Social Media Platforms.

Web Hosting Services

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Successful Brands start with a Well-Designed Website!

We design attractive and catchy Newsletters, Landing Pages and Web Modules to generate high leads and we create your brand identity Logo, congruent with your brands core values and personality. All collaterals and elements are build to enhance a positive user experience, generate higher traffic and increase conversions.
We bring our expertise in crafting not only visually appealing collaterals and modules but we also ensure that the loading speeds are optimized and the web elements are responsive across all devices.  

Pay Per Click

PPC ( Google Adwords ) is the most prominent marketing tool which helps you drive more Leads and higher Revenues through Inorganic visibility. You can precisely set your target audience through specific keywords or demographics or characteristics and you only pay when some one performs an action on your ad.
Every campaign is different and there are countless variables from keyword volume to your monthly spends that can impact your strategy and we help you choose right fit Pay-per-click models for your business. Our  experts build an effective campaign strategy to ensure that the relevant metrics of conversion and click-through rates are constantly monitored, your marketing costs are under control and campaigns are always optimised.  Search Text Ads, Display Ads, Strategic Keyword recommendations, Bid Management are few of our expert PPC services.

Pay Per Click, PPC , Digital Marketing

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Search Engine Optimisation

 SEO is the base of your online presence. Its the most cost-effective Digital Marketing tool which gives an impressive return on investment. We master the ability to understand Google’s Search Engine algorithms and help you maximise organic visibility of your website in search results.
We are the specialists in overseeing rankings that drive traffic to your website and we deliver tailor made On Page and Off Page SEO strategies to position you to be found at the most critical points in a user’s journey.

Local SEO, SEO, Organic Search, Digital MarketingSmall business entities such as restaurants, grocery stores, local franchisees etc. can hugely benefit by establishing a strong search presence in local markets. Ranking for local searches is more important than ever, with people now more likely to search for services in a specific location. Google has also customised its search algorithm links that are geographically near the IP address of the searcher looking for the nearby businesses.

Enterprise SEO, SEO, Organic Search, Digital Marketing

Enterprise SEO is a specialized service that fits organizations with a well recognized brand which attracts a lot of branded search. We build a comprehensive SEO Strategy with a keyword-targeted, content based and metrics-focussed approach for Small and Medium Enterprise in B2B and B2C business categories. Our SME SEO includes local and national SEO, competitive analysis, link building, strategy development and analytics.

Link Building, SEO, Organic Search, Digital Marketing

We help you manage the way your website is linked into the web. Backlinks are the links pointing to your website from other sites.
These links are important since search engines give more credit to websites with a good number of quality backlinks, and trust these sites more for ranking purposes. However, backlinks from low quality or spammy websites will often damage your Google Search rankings. 
Reviewing quality of your existing backlinks and building new ones should be a regular practice to avoid any adverse effects and this is an intricate process where our experts research and communicate with webmasters to help you get to the top of the Searches.  

SEO Audit, SEO, Organic Search, Digital Marketing We carry out a comprehensive SEO Audit of your site from the way your pages are structured and optimised, to the quality of content, volume of traffic and the traffic source.  It also covers technical aspects such as the loading speed of your main pages, the quality of your HTML codes, and the setup of your XML site map and any Schema markup. With the audit completed, we will provide you with a detailed report and a list of action points so you can be sure that your site is ready for an effective SEO campaign. Periodic submission of an XML site map to Google and monitoring the crawl data with Google Search Console are just few examples of how we can help you keep things on track.
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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing,Spectrum,Digital Marketing,SMM

Having a Social Media visibility of your Brand is more imperative for your image. Your potential customers are more social media savvy than ever before and so they need to be constantly engaged in order to maintain your brand’s visibility and popularity.
We take a strategic approach in SMM to engage your target base through campaigns on social networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. Not all social media platforms work for every business and so our experts create, run and optimise your campaigns and  help you use the right fit channels productively.

Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing concept attempts to “pull” in potential customers with an interesting content. We create blog, social media posts, infographics, white papers, email newsletters, and video content that people actually want to read and watch. All this leads to positive impression of the brand and influences the purchasing decisions. 

EMail Marketing,Inbound Marketing
Content Marketing, Digital Marketing, Inbound Marketing
Video Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Digital Marketing
SMS Marketing, Digital Marketing, Inbound Marketing

EMail Marketing,Inbound Marketing

Email is one of the most powerful tools used for brand awareness and also for engaging with your existing customers and retaining brand loyalty. Our decades of rich marketing experience helps us create and schedule customised and personalised  email campaigns designed to fit your needs and to generate leads.

Content Marketing, Digital Marketing, Inbound Marketing

A winning Content Strategy is extremely important for an online success. Content is the basis of attracting and retaining a clearly-defined audience.
We specialize in showing what makes you unique and creating the numerous types of content (blogs, eBooks, white papers and infographics etc) needed to convey that message. 

Video Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Digital Marketing

Video Marketing is an extremely critical tool for your social strategy outreach and campaign effectiveness.
We help you raise your brand awareness by creating Video Ads across social media channels such as Facebook, Linkedin, Whatsapp and YouTube. Choose the video types that best suits you viz Demo Videos, Explainer Videos, Event Videos, DIY Videos, Customer Testimonial Videos and Corporate Training Videos.

SMS Marketing, Digital Marketing, Inbound Marketing

Choose the promotional SMS, best suited for your business needs and for engagement with your new and existing customers. We help you embed actionable links within the SMS to improve your conversion rates across the customer lifecycle and provide authentic real time reports to help you track the delivery status of your SMS.

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